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Valentine’s day

valentines day
Happy almost Valentine's day from Lovesome Events!

Continuing the theme from my previous cake post, I thought I’d give you a few interesting tidbits of history regarding Valentine's day. I think we all know that the day got its name from Saint Valentinus, but no one seems to know for sure who this guy really was. Actually, there may have been more than one of them. None the less, legend tells of a 5th century priest who married soldiers (Roman soldiers were generally not allowed to get married) and was executed and buried on the 14th of February. Coincidentally, 13th to 15th February was also the time of “Lupercalia” a Roman festivity celebrating fertility and health.

It is safe enough to say though that Valentine's day as we know it is a relatively recent tradition. It became popular in America and has since spread to Europe too, in fact Italy, the country of love and romance par excellence, has embraced Valentine's day. Bars and restaurants offer special dinners and arranged events for the “festa degli innamorati”, spas organise romantic weekends for couples, and it happens to be also one of the most popular days of the year to get engaged in Italy! In fact, I would call it the closing event of the “season of getting engaged”. Just think about it: Christmas, New Year, then Valentine's, and this year the bonus: 29th of February.

So if you are one of the lucky ones to have gotten engaged this winter, it’s time for you to start planning your wedding, and for the rest of us it’s time to start thinking what to wear at all the weddings coming up! I must admit I’m very much looking forward to this spring and summer and the wedding season this year.

OFFER: As a special Valentine's Day treat Lovesome Events is offering the 2 fastest couples to book their full-planning package a 500€ discount! Just drop me a line with “Valentine2016” in there.*

reception venue Florence

I went to scope a reception venue for clients this week. Look at that view!

*Valid for weddings in 2016/2017 and a Lock-the-Date fee applies. Discount applied on the final payment. Offer expires 29/2/2016.    

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