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Travelling with a wedding dress

Wedding dress
One of the biggest worries brides have on the weeks before the wedding concern travelling with a wedding dress. The dress is such a big part of the day for many brides, it's no wonder some have nightmares where they are getting ready on the wedding day and either the dress is wrong or it is somehow ruined.

One option is to choose a simple dress that travels without hassle, but should you really pick your wedding dress based on practicality only? Getting married in Tuscany, or abroad in general, doesn't mean you have to compromise on your dress, you just have to plan for it a little bit more carefully.

There are a couple of option to get your wedding dress to the destination safely. When travelling by air the most common and most reliable thing to do, is to take it as hand luggage. Especially during summer months, when there are not as many heavy coats to hang, the cabin crew might let you put your dress in the first class wardrobes or, if the plane is not full, they might even let you lay the dress on an empty seat. These things depend on your airline though, and you should not assume this will always be the case.

A safer bet, particularly if you are flying with a low-cost airline, is to pack your wedding outfits in boxes. A good sturdy box will protect your dress from being shoved and squished by careless hands and when you pack your dress with lots of acid-free tissue paper, it will protect the dress from creasing too much. You can of course use your luggage too, but the closing and opening of it, not to mention the interior structure, might not be ideal for packing a dress. Never store your wedding dress in luggage for longer periods.
Wedding dress boxes
Buying a box for transporting and storing your wedding dress safely takes a relatively small investment. One of the companies specialising on wedding dress boxes is The Empty Box Company. They offer beautiful hand crafted wedding dress boxes (there are loads of colours and designs on their website!) that are made with acid-free materials so your dress will stay safe for years to come. They also have boxes specifically made to fit airline hand-luggage requirements and with a nifty cord handle that will keep the lid on your dress box during transport. Best of all, their boxes are made with recycled and locally sourced materials, so they are also eco-friendly, as well as beautiful!

If taking your dress in hand luggage isn't an option, consider sending it directly to your destination. Use a courier service like DHL, UPS, etc., never normal post, and always use a reputable address on the other end. Your hotel might be able to sign for the delivery, or you can ask your wedding planner. And always insure your package and mark it as fragile.

Sending a wedding dress via courier might seem like a risky move, but putting it in air-plane hold where it can be thrown around or get lost somewhere at Charles de Gaulle, just to arrive a week after your wedding, is worse.

Last but not least, unpack and hang your dress as soon as you arrive at your destination, so that any creases will fall out, and the dress will have time to fluff up again, particularly if it has many layers on it.

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