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Same-sex weddings in Italy

same-sex wedding

On the 23rd of January all over Italy up to a million people gathered in nearly a hundred cities and towns to demonstrate for LGBT civil rights under the hashtag #SVEGLIATIITALIA (Wake up Italy). Italy is the only Western European country where same-sex unions are not recognised in any form, but you will find that there is a strong desire for this to change among the people. A law reform is under works and we might get some news about that soon. For the moment though the Italian law doesn't allow same-sex couples to get married or to register their partnership. Still, while we are waiting for the legalisation of same-sex weddings in Italy, there is no reason not to celebrate your love here in other ways!

Organising a same-sex wedding in a notoriously conservative country might seem daunting, but Italy - and particularly Tuscany - does actually have a relatively open attitude and there are many gay-friendly vendors and services to choose from. I don’t want to lie and say everyone will be open to a same-sex wedding here, but the good thing about hiring a wedding planner is that it is his or her job to do the dirty work of vetting the vendors for you.

Some couples choose to register their relationship in a different country but want to have the wedding reception in Italy, others want to have a commitment ceremony and celebration both in the same place. Both of these are good options, it really depends on what works for you. To be honest some "traditional" couples who have the possibility of getting married in Italy still opt for a symbolic ceremony and a wedding reception and get the official part over and done with even before coming here, just to avoid some of the paperwork that goes with a destination wedding, but I’ll come back to all that in another post.

Internet is full of blogs and websites with tons of ideas, but if you are planning a same-sex wedding, home or abroad, one good place to start is to look at The Knot's website with some good tips right here.

It might seem like a strange choice to start this blog, which has been in the making (in my head only, I must admit) for months and months, by posting about LGBT love, but then again, why not? After all Lovesome Events is really just looking for any excuse to organise a great celebration, regardless of sexual orientation, colour, or religion!

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