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Italian wedding cakes

italian wedding cakes
Sugar frosted tiered cakes, cupcakes, mountains of macaroons.. There is a ton of options when choosing what your wedding cake should look and taste like, but what about typical Italian wedding cakes?
Italian wedding cakes have a long history. Did you know, that our tradition of wedding cakes goes as least as far back as the ancient Romans? They used to break pieces of a cake on top of the bride as a symbol and a wish for good fortune and fertility. The guests would then gather the crumbs to get their share of the good luck themselves. Maybe that's where the tradition, which admittedly is not so common these days, of sending wedding guests home with small packaged cakes, comes from. Still, the tradition lives on in the form of wedding favours to this day,but back to the cakes now...
Apart from the traditional tiered wedding cake that is known all over the world, the most well known Italian wedding cake is most likely the millefoglie (thousand leaves), which is probably originally a French pastry (I might be risking my life writing that in Italy...) but now exists in many different countries, and like any beloved creation, goes by as many different names. It's a cake made of layers upon layers of thin pastry with creamy filling, sometimes made with mascarpone, topped with berries and a veil of icing sugar. There are many variations, some more traditional than others, and at best it can be seriously delicious. It doesn't look like a traditional wedding cake because it isn't tiered, but I've seen some millefoglie wedding cakes that were as wide as a medium sized table, which was no less impressive!

You could also opt for a tower of profiteroles (another pastry the Italians probably learned from the French, though they would never admit it willingly). The puff pastry balls filled with cream of some sort (sense a pattern here?) are piled to form a high tower, which is held together by caramelised sugar or dark chocolate. Yum.

Of course if you're not big on cakes, there are other options out there, for example you could just get a gelato cart to serve you and your guests all night long, or serve dessert shots like the ones below! You can always go for some ideas here.

wedding dessert

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