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wedding venue San Galgano
I've spent a bit of time in the last weeks driving around Italy in search of beautiful places and stunning venues. I have to admit much of it has been simply out of pure pleasure of discovering places I've not yet seen, but some of it has truly been to visit and scope out some possible collaborators.

I wanted to share a couple of these beautiful places with you. The ones in this post in particular make great day trips for you and your wedding guests if you want to explore the Tuscan countryside. We will be more than happy to organise these or any other activities and trips for you on the days before or after the wedding, and if you're coming to Italy just on holiday or for another type of event, we will be just as happy to help you then too!

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These are the ruins of a 13th century Gothic style abbey called San Galgano near Siena. You might not think it, but the place is actually available as a wedding venue for civil ceremonies, and it makes a truly unique and beautiful location for a wedding. Can you imagine walking down the aisle in a place like that?
When there are no weddings the abbey is a popular tourist attraction too, for obvious reasons.

saturnia thermal bathA bit further down south from Siena, you can find the natural thermal baths of Saturnia, which stink to high heavens but are supposedly good for the skin. The water is nice and warm, at least if you manage to conquer one of the pools higher up on the slope, and the best thing is you don't have to pay a penny to go. Even if your nose does get quite used to the smell, you might want to keep some change ready so you can take a shower afterwards though.

Last but least, here are one of the first Tuscan sunsets of this spring:

tuscany view  

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