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Catholic wedding ceremony

Catholic wedding in Italy
Continuing the series of posts on the bureaucracy involved in marrying in Italy, I thought it would be appropriate to write a post on what documents you will need if you plan to organise a Catholic wedding ceremony here. Fortunately the documents needed for a Catholic weddings remain the same for all nationalities, which makes things a little simpler.

So here is a list of documents you will definitely need. Some parishes accept them in English, others will want them all officially translated into Italian. As always, it's best to get in touch with the local parish where you plan to marry as well in advance as possible.

  1. Certificates of baptism, first communion and confirmation from your local Bishop's office (stamped originals).

  2. Parish Permission. Formal letter from your parish priest stating your activeness at your local church and that you have a permission to marry in Italy. You will need to know the exact details of where the wedding will take place, and the date of the wedding for this paper. The letter should also include a statement that you have taken the Pre-Cana classes and if you have been a given a certificate, you should send it with the letter. The letter needs to be written on the letterhead paper of your parish.

  3. Bishop's permission. Letter (Nihil Obstat) from the Bishop of your parish granting you permission for the wedding in Italy (again with the details of where and when the wedding will take place). The letter needs to state there is NO IMPEDIMENT for your wedding in Italy. Also this needs to be on letterhead paper of your Bishop's office.

  4. Prenuptial Inquiry Form. This is a sort of a questionnaire that you fill in with your parish priest. NOTE: The form needs to be stamped and sealed by the Bishop's office, a stamp from your parish priest will not be enough!

  5. Mixed religion wedding permission*. If one of you is not Catholic you will also need a special permission which you should be able to get from your parish.
If you have had a civil wedding beforehand you will need the original wedding certificate. If instead you would like for the civil marriage to take place at the same time with the Catholic wedding ceremony, you will also need the documents necessary for a civil marriage in Italy. To find out how to do that click here if you are a UK citizen and here if you hail from the US. For other any nationalities get in touch! I'm working on writing more posts on this but it takes a bit of time.

Since repetition is the mother of all learning, here are the main points in visual form:

Requirements for a Catholic wedding in Italy
Copies of all of these documents need to be sent to Italy well in advance to check everything is in order and once that is done, you will need to send the originals too.

*for lack of a better name.

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